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December is often a quiet time for the housing market, something which has prompted banks and building societies to lower rates to try and attract the few customers looking for finance. Interest rates.

First-time home buyers in Texas may be able to recoup a portion of that interest on their federal tax bill using the Texas Mortgage Credit Certificate, or MCC. The tax credit is 40% of your annual mortgage interest, up to $2,000 per year.

How To Choose A Mortgage Lender When Buying a Home Skip to content. Five year fixed rate mortgages for first time buyers A fixed rate mortgage means your mortgage payments stay the same during the fixed rate period so they’re easier to manage. A five year fixed term gives you that comfort for a longer period, so you’ll know exactly where you stand. No product fee on some deals.

What Prime Rate Today If the prime rate is 5.50%, the current APR on that variable rate card would be 18.50%. That means the prime rate has a direct, but typically small, impact on the finance charges you pay on your credit card when you carry a balance.

Texas FHA Loans are easy to qualify and favored by first time home buyers. It requires minimal down payment with low rates and low fees. Get a free. 5 first-time homebuyer mortgage options. The Home Ready loan program isn’t limited to first-time homebuyers, but it is an attractive option because it allows for down payments of as little as.

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First Time Home Buyer Interest Rates. A point is a cost equal to 1 percent of your loan amount-so one point on a $100,000 loan is $1,000. Discount points are prepayments of interest that you pay at your loan’s closing. mortgage lenders offer borrowers a choice of.

Bruce Ocko, the director of mortgage and consumer lending for Bangor Savings Bank, which has. rates are on the move, and even though year-to-date averages aren’t much higher than last year, a few.

Has a high volume of consumer complaints, even for a big national bank. The best mortgage lenders for. Ask about first-time home buyer programs. Some lenders partner with state agencies to offer.

Fha Fixed Rate Mortgage At a glance: Most FHA borrowers pay an annual MIP of 0.85% for the full term of the loan, or up to 30 years.. FHA mortgage insurance premiums (mips) can be somewhat confusing to home buyers.

As interest rates rise, first-time buyers will find their mortgage applications increasingly scrutinised, possibly leading to a decrease in rates of acceptance. Analysts expect the base rate to be at least 1% come the end of 2018, so now represents the best time to apply.