How hot does it get in Austin Texas?

How hot is Austin, really? Compared to, say, Atlanta, Raleigh. – It is normally breezy in the morning so that’s the best time to go walking, etc. By around 2:00 it’s pretty hot and by 5:00 you’ve reached the high for the day. I would take 100 degrees in Austin any day over 90 degrees (and high humidity) in Florida.

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Austin TX Average Temperatures by Month – Current Results – Days of Hot Weather in Austin. Austin averages 16 days a year when temperatures reach 100 F or more. Heatwaves with temperatures in the 100s typically occur anytime from June to September. Most summer days get to a least 90 degrees. And from April to October, Austin’s temperature typically never goes lower than 40 F.

How humid is Austin?? (Houston, West: how much, property. – I currently live in NYC (which can be fairly humid) and was wondering how it would compare. I know Austin is not as humid as Houston, but was wondering how humid it was overall. And I know the temperatures can get pretty hot in Austin. Boy, I’d sure like some good BBQ right about now!!!

How hot does it get in Austin Texas? | Yahoo Answers – I will be moving to Austin, Texas soon and wanted to know what the annual average temperature is. Is it humid there?

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The Hottest Place in the Whole U.S.A. – Texas Monthly – In hot and miserable Texas, they are the hottest and most miserable places. Indeed, when all environmental factors are taken into account, parts of Houston have a much higher effective temperature.

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