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I was surprised to find one such place in Hawaii. Apparently, the active volcano that created the main island routinely pours lava straight through residential neighborhoods. So, it’s possible to get an otherwise spacious and modern house for ne.

#16 Best Places to Buy a House in South Carolina Current Resident : Piedmont, South Carolina is a small town in the Upstate. It is only a hop, skip, and a short jump to the mountains, and only a few hours drive to get to the beach!

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Saving money to build a house requires discipline, but it is certainly an achievable goal. Attack the issue on two fronts. First, figure out ways to save money for the down payment and then create a home-building fund. After, determine ways to make the building process less expensive.

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These are the best places to live in the UK in 2019. Find a regional breakdown and choose your new home based on happiness, CO2 emissions, superfast broadband, the weather, and more.